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About Apple Cider Vineger

 Why Vinegar?

    3 step of treating the disease in Natural way.
  • De-tox. – Cleansing process.
  • Anti oxidants – Protection.
  • Nutrition – Nourishing the body.
When we want to get rid of disease instead of de-toxifying our body we jump to medicine forgetting that god has designed our body in such a way that it can self – clean, self- correct, self- heal, self- repair, all it need is the right weapons (healthy food) and ample time (fasting) for it to battle against diseases.

What is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is an effective natural bacteria-fighting agent that contains many vital minerals and trace elements such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, chlorine, sodium, sulfur, copper, iron, silicon and fluorine that are vital for a healthy body.
Natural Apple Cider Vinegar is made by crushing fresh, organically grown apples and allowing them to mature in wooden barrels. This boosts the natural fermentation qualities of the crushed apples, which differs from the refined and distilled vinegars found in supermarkets. When the vinegar is mature, it contains a dark, cloudy, web-like bacterial foam called mother, which becomes visible when the rich brownish liquid is held to the light. The mother can be used to add to other vinegar to hasten maturity for making more Apple Cider Vinegar. Natural vinegars that contain the mother have enzymes and minerals that other vinegars in grocery stores may not have due to over-processing, over-heating, and filtration. For this reason, it is recommended that you purchase only Natural Apple Cider Vinegar, with an ideal acidity (pH) level of 5 to 7.

History of vinegar

The name vinegar is derived from the Latin word Vinum meaning wine, And acer Which denots sharp or sour. The two words blended and became vinegre. From the beginning of recorded history, Apple Cider Vinegar has been utilized by all ancient civilizations, it is said that for at least 10,000 years Apple Cider Vinegar was used to treat various ailments. It is also reported to have been used as a healing elixir by Hippocrates (the father of Medicine) and has been found in Egyptian urns dating as far back as 3000 BC.
The Babylonians are said to have used it as a condiment and a preservative, whilst the Greeks and the Romans used it both for flavouring and healing purposes. The Roman army issued its soldiers with a ration of vinegar to take daily for general health, and the sponge with water and vinegar offered to Jesus Christ when He was on the cross, was not necessary torture, but could have been a sign of compassion, since the Romans drank vinegar and water as a thirst quencher. At that time people believed that it was acid in ACV (Rather than Vitamin C) that is curing scurvy, English sailors also receive ration of ACV.
It was in 1864 French scientist, Louis Pasteur, discovered that it was the bacteria in vinegar caused alcohol to turn into acid. Parisians during the middle ages used it as a deodorant and healing tonic and a preserver of youth.
Columbus had apple cider vinegar barrels on his sailing vessels to prevent scurvy. Japanese Samurai warriors apparently drank apple cider vinegar for strength and power, and it was used during the America civil war to disinfect and heal wounds. All in all very useful. The armies of Julius Caesar drank vinegar mixed with water as an invigorating tonic for its antiseptic benefits.
In India, Ayurvedic physicians prescribe apple cider vinegar in combination with the herb Gotu Kola to help in the revitalizing of the skin & treating rheumatism.

Substances in Apple cider vinegar

Scientists have measured ninety different substances in apple cider vinegar, such as thirteen types of carbolic acids, four aldehydes, twenty ketones, eighteen types of alcohols, eight ethyl acetates etc. It also contains important minerals, trace elements and vitamins (as listed underneath) as well acetic acid, propionic acid, lactic acid, enzymes, amino acids as well as roughage in the form of potash and apple pectin.

    Minerals and trace elements
  • Boron
  • potassium
  • calcium
  • magnesium
  • phosphorous
  • chlorine
  • sodium
  • sulfur (the mineral - not the anti-biotic sulfa which some people are allergic to)
  • copper
  • iron
  • silicon
  • fluorine
  • If we had to highlight one of the above ingredients I would really like to draw attention to potassium. Potassium is as important to tissue as what calcium is too bones. With potassium lacking many health problems can arise, whereas sufficient potassium can help for problems such as aching legs and keeping arteries working properly. Potassium is to soft tissue as what calcium is to bones - essential.

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B6
  • Provitamin beta-carotene
  • Vitamin P

Vinegar: A Natural Approach to Avian Management

"Many herbalists recommend the use of raw, unpasteurized, unheated, apple cider vinegar as an important dietary ingredient for humans, farm animals and pets, including birds. The Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care describes apple cider vinegar in this way: "Long a folk remedy, cider vinegar has been shown to improve the health of dairy cows, horses, dogs and other animals. It reduces common infections, aids whelping, improves stamina, prevents muscle fatigue after exercise, increases resistance to disease and protects against food poisoning. Cider vinegar is rich in the vitamins, minerals and trace elements found in apples, especially potassium; it normalizes acid levels [pH] in the stomach, improves digestion and the assimilation of nutrients, reduces intestinal and faecal odours, helps cure constipation, alleviates some of the symptoms of arthritis and helps prevent bladder stones and urinary tract infections."

Boron in Vinegar!

Boron is a mineral which is necessary for both plant and animal life. The human body does not make strong, straight bones when it is missing from the diet. One reason for this is that boron plays a critical role in the way the body uses calcium. Without boron, calcium cannot form and maintain strong bones.
When vinegar releases its boron in the body, all sorts of wonderful things happen. Boron affects the way steroid hormones are released. Then it regulates their use, and how long they stay in the body.
The boron and hormone connection is vital to bone formation. Blood and tissue levels of several steroid hormones (such as estrogen and testosterone) increase dramatically in the presence of boron. Both of these are needed to complete the calcium-to-bone growth cycle. This relationship between hormones, boron, and calcium helps to explain why estrogen replacement is about the only treatment for osteoporosis.

Vinegar Through The Ages

Vinegar has been used to cure ailments for centuries. For hundreds of years, folk medicine practitioners have recommended daily doses of apple cider vinegar, not only for specific medical problems, but also for overall food health. In Asia vinegar is called the friend of Chinese herbs because it is often used to process herbal preparations. It is also successfully used in modern Chinese medicine.

Natural Apple Cider Vinegar: One of Mother Nature’s Most Perfect Foods

Fermenting sweet juice makes vinegar. The juice turns to wine or cider which is allowed to ferment a second time until the alcohol mixes with oxygen in the air, changing it into acetic acid and water. Natural---that is, undistilled, raw, apple cider vinegar is often called one of Mother Nature's most perfect foods. Apple cider vinegar should be made from fresh, crushed apples that are allowed to mature naturally in wooden barrels. Natural apple cider vinegar, found in health food stores, should be a rich amber color with the "mother" quite visible as sentiment on the bottom. The strength of vinegar is important. All varieties of vinegar contain about 4 to 7 percent acetic acid, with 5 percent being the most common amount. Acetic acid is what gives vinegar its tart and sour taste.

Commercial vinegars

There is nothing beneficial about commercial distilled vinegars except for pickling, cleaning and disinfection ---they have no health value! They do not contain the health values of raw apple cider vinegar with the mother still intact and viable. Distilled white vinegar and cider vinegar sold in supermarkets are considered "dead" vinegars with none of the enzymes and other live factors that make raw, unpasteurized vinegars so valuable. Distilling removes the beneficial "mother" from the vinegar, thereby, destroying the powerful enzymes and life giving minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, natural organic sodium, magnesium, sulphur, iron copper, natural organic fluorine, silicon, trace minerals, pectin and other powerful nutrients. Also destroyed are natural malic and tartaric acids, which are important in fighting body toxins and inhibiting unfriendly bacteria growth.
Apple cider vinegar has shown to be an extremely valuable constituent in the body's biochemical operations and an essential building block in the construction of many complex substances in the body. Vinegar is low in calories and carbohydrates but does contain small amounts of calcium, phosphorus, iron and, of course, lots of potassium. A cup of ACV is 98.8% water, has 34 calories, a trace of protein, and no fat. (Moore p.viii) Acetic acid, the principal constituent in vinegar, plays an important role in the release of energy from fats and carbohydrates. It is of primary importance in the body's metabolism.

Apple Cider Vinegar Can Make Any Living Thing Healthier

"Potassium deficiency is a proven contributing cause of many illnesses, including; Arthritis, kidney stones, atrial fibrillation, adrenal insufficiency, celiac disease, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, ulcerative colitis, hypothyroidism, irritable bowel syndrome, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, Crohn's Disease, lupus, atherosclerosis, diabetes and stroke." - by Linda Page, N.D., Ph.D.
Dr. D.C. Jarvis, MD who wrote "Folk Medicine, A Vermont Doctor's Guide to Good Health" and "Arthritis and Folk Medicine”, is completely convinced that apple cider vinegar could make any living thing healthier. He believes, Potassium, which is found in just the right amounts in natural apple cider vinegar "is so essential to the life of every living thing and that without it there would be no life. Potassium is the most important of all minerals that are necessary for good health." Potassium's main function is to promote cell, tissue and organism growth. It is necessary to replace dead cells and tissue. There is no better source of potassium than vinegar---particularly natural apple cider vinegar.
Dr. Jarvis believes Apple cider vinegar can help fight infection, simply by keeping fluids where they belong---in body cells, not in bacteria. Bacteria need moisture to thrive. As bacteria multiply, they will pull necessary fluids from healthy cells in order to flourish, particularly during times of stress when resistance is low. Stress is a major agent in causing a previously sub-clinical problem to break into a full-blown illness. If the process goes unchecked illness will occur. In order to defeat bacterial infections and illness it is important to keep moisture in the cells and prevent germs from depleting that moisture. According to Dr. Jarvis: "If there is enough potassium in each body cell, it will draw moisture from the [harmful] bacteria, instead of the bacteria taking moisture from the body cells." Therefore by providing natural sources of potassium in the diet (fruit, berries, sprouts, edible leaves, edible roots, etc.) and including apple cider vinegar to that diet the body cells are pr vided with the necessary moisture-attracting potassium. It is interesting to note that many traditional medicines used to combat bacterial illness also work by depriving bacteria of moisture and thus keeping fluids inside the cells
Acidic pH Balance Will Discourage Bacteria, Yeast & Fungal Growth. Apple cider vinegar destroys microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, viruses and others, and prevents poisons from reaching the rest of the systems of the body. It has been proven to inhibit the growth of gram-negative bacilli, Pseudomonas, and Candida. The acid nature of vinegar makes the digestive tract environment unpleasant for germs and fungus. Apple cider vinegar has proven to be a natural treatment (and preventative) in simple cases of avian pediatric digestive disorders. Dr. Jarvis through his own research believes that apple cider vinegar will lower bloods natural alkalinity, bringing it closer to a natural healthy acid state. A naturally acidic digestive tract digestive, with the correct pH balance, will discourage bacteria and is less likely to grow yeast and fungus. Apple cider vinegar can assist the natural process of breaking food in the stomach. The acidic qualities of ACV will help break down protein, in the digestive system, for absorption into the bloodstream.


Amongst other things, cider vinegar is very effective in detoxicating various organs in the body together with the blood stream. Hence it is a purifier, as it has a means of breaking down fatty, mucous and phlegm deposits within the body. It therefore, promotes the health of the vital organs of the body e.g. kidneys, bladder, liver etc., by preventing an excessively alkaline urine. Cider vinegar also helps oxidate the blood which consequently prevents the blood from becorning too thick and gluey, which gives rise to a strained heart and blood vessels resulting in high blood pressure. Cider vinegar also promotes digestion, assimilation and elimination and it neutralizes any toxic substance taken into the body. There have been a number of instances where people who had taken a mixture of cider vinegar and water before meals were unaffected by diarrhoea, or digestive upsets, whilst their companions who ate the same meal were. Hence the cider vinegar seemed to neutralize the harmful substances in the food eaten.


When the blood is deficient in some minerals or biochemic salt, ill-health is the outcome e.g. boils break out, suppurating blisters become apparent, pimples appear on the face etc. It has been found however, that cider vinegar helps with the cleansing as well as the clotting of the blood. Oxidation of the blood is very important and cider vinegar is again an effective treatment for this. Besides introducing the important minerals into the blood stream, as mentioned above, cider vinegar also helps in the clotting of blood. This is of tremendous help to those people who are commonly termed 'bleeders', as they live their lives in fear of cutting themselves due to the bloods inability to clot, and it will also enhance the healing process.

Apple Cider Vinegar On The Farm

For the past year and a half I have routinely added apple cider vinegar, to my baby birds' hand-feeding formula, to all drinking water and sprinkled some on the food of the animals here at our aviary and small dairy farm. These animals include several species of breeding exotic parrots, chickens, ducks, dogs, cats and LaMancha dairy goats. The vinegar keeps the water bowls and bottles very clean and sanitary and the animals seem to love it--- of course, the nutritional and health benefits are a plus. Apple cider vinegar added to young birds drinking water encourages early weaning and healthy weight gain and they will feather out faster. Adding a little raw apple cider vinegar to the hand-feeding formula water can prove nutritionally beneficial and help to inhibit the growth of yeast, fungus and bacteria. In formula a ratio of about ¼ tsp per 4 oz water is best.
You may safely add cider vinegar to food and/or drinking water, starting with small amounts and building up to ½ to 1 teaspoon per 15 pounds of body weight or about 1 tsp apple cider vinegar (health food store variety best) to 8 oz water. That is about ¼ cup per gallon of water and/or you may sprinkle or spray small amounts on bird's food. Gradually add small doses to food over time, you can help even the most finicky eater to accept this. Do not use metal food or water dishes when using vinegar, stainless steel is OK.

In Conclusion

Why Vinegar? Because it can be used medicinally, gets rid of poisons in the body, has disinfecting and cleaning properties and is a natural, nontoxic, biodegradable substance. That is, vinegar is an unadulterated food, a powerful cleansing agent and healing elixir---a naturally occurring antibiotic and antiseptic that fights germs and bacteria. We would be smart to make use of vinegar in our own lives and in our avian nurseries and breeding facilities. --- For a healthier, stronger, longer life for our animals and ourselves. For further reading on vinegars medicinal and antiseptic qualities:"

Benefits of Apple Vinegar Therapy in Various Diseases.

  • Helps Digestion, relieves in Acidity & Gas
  • Alkalizes The Body.
  • Re-Mineralises - High In Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium.
  • Tops up important Vitamins and Trace Elements.
  • Increases the Metabolism best for weight loss.
  • Helps with Constipation.
  • Eases with Joint and General Body Stiffness
  • Helps Regulate Blood Pressure.
  • Helps to Fight Infection
  • Treating all types of Arthritic Pain
  • Eases Osteoporosis
  • Helps Treat Sore Throats
  • Reduces Prostate Problems
  • Improves Cell Function
  • Helps with Insect Bites & Stings
  • Improves Symptoms of Muscle Cramps
  • Cleans of Bladder, Kidneys, Blood, Liver & Gall Bladder etc
  • Headaches & sinus problems Best folk remedy for Treating & Preventing, Heart Blockages . ( visit our website)
  • Relieving in Asthma
  • Helps dissolving Kidney & Gall Bladder Stones
  • Acts as a Balm for Sunburn
  • Helps with Shingles (Herpes)
  • Reducing cholesterol (The dangerous LDL cholesterol type)
  • Often Cures Allergies (environmental, pet and food)
  • Helps Clear Acne
  • Relieves Chronic Fatigue
  • Clears Candida
  • Resolves Acid Reflux .
  • Treating Gout by dissolving uric acid in joints
  • Regulating the water content in the cells and body reducing water retention in the body (Anti-cellulite)
  • Reducing excess sodium from the body
  • Assists in preventing circulatory problems
  • Helps with diminishing premature calcification of the arteries
  • Helps increase concentration and memory assists in blood circulation.
  • Helps in sugar metabolism . Best for diabetes to control fasting sugar.

Dosage Of Apple Cider Vineger

 The Traditional Standard Dosage of ACV is 2 Tsp of ACV in 8 oz (250ml) of water 3x a day. First in morning on empty stomach avoid eating or drinking anything for half an hour, second dose half hour before lunch & dinner. Add 1-2tsp. Honey for taste & instant energy (people with diabetes can avoid Honey). FOR BEST RESULT TAKE IT FOR 3 MONTHS REGULARLY.
Note: Apple Cider Vinegar is very acidic, never drink it straight. Always dilute it with water. After drinking ACV, you should rinse your mouth with water because it might grind the Vinegar into your enamel in the long run. Avoid contact with eyes.
According to the logic of ancient medical sciences, arthritis, a wide-spread chronic disease all over the globe, is caused due to the excretion of toxins in joints of body. This is caused by destabilized colon and weak digestion system, leading to the accrual of undigested food and building up of waste materials.
Poor digestive system allows the toxins to stock up in the body and trouble with colon allows toxins in reaching to the joints. The main symptoms of arthritis include stress, fever, rigidity and pain in the affected muscles, tenderness and pain in the joints that are provoked by any activity or movement like typing, writing or turning a key, stiffness and unbearable pain in joints.
Two teaspoons of ACV to eight-ounce glass of water also add 2 teaspoons of Honey 3x a day. For external use, Soak the painful joint (hand or foot) in a hot but comfortable solution of ACV for ten minutes, two to three times a day a quarter of a cup of ACV to one and a half cups of water. For painful knees or shoulder you can make a poultice by soaking a cloth in a mixture of ACV and water. A quarter of a cup of ACV to one and a half cups of water. Repeat as needed though out the day. "Don't expect results overnight - some people take months to respond, others take years - but we firmly believe that this combination is the key to getting rid of arthritic disease,"
Many people suffer from arthritis because of over weight which result in pressure and more wear & tear of joints. ACV also works for weightloss which decreases pressure on joints. For best result use below mention formula of Druken rasins in Turmeric Vinegar for best results. Readymade formula is available with us.
One tablespoonful of ACV added to a glass of water and sip for half and hour. The wheezing taken. Deep breathing exercises are also a beneficial treatment. If you still don't get relief, soak a cotton pad in Apple Cider Vinegar, and apply pressure as you hold it against the insides of your wrists. This is a second optional folk treatment that asthma sufferers say can help. Apple Cider Vinegar is also a common folk remedy for acid reflux, a symptom of GERD, which is closely related to asthma in many cases. Acid in the esophagus may trigger a reflex which causes the airways to narrow, and other symptoms of GERD include asthma-like hoarseness and chronic cough. According to the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, a non-profit academic medical centres integrating research and education with clinical and hospital care, "it is estimated that more than 75 percent of patients with asthma also experience gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). People with asthma are twice as likely to have GERD as those people who do not have asthma. Of those people with asthma, those who have a severe, chronic form that is resistant to treatment are most likely to also have GERD."
Evidence reveals that Apple Cider Vinegar has proven itself once again in lowering blood pressure and strengthening the heart muscle, because ACV acts as a blood thinner, plaque remover and reduces risk of strokes and heart attack. It's also rich in potassium and enzymes, these two are most vital and needed to keep the heart and bloodstream healthy. Use standard dosage of ACV
Beta-carotene, a carotenoids present in vinegar is a powerfull Anti-oxidants which absorbs free radicals making them harmless. Carotenoids is also a raw material for the production of vitamin A which is also known as Anti-oxidant. Low level of can be linked to cancer s particularly lungs, bladder & colon. According to American cancer Society high fibre diet can help to prevent colon-cancer. Apple pectin which is a soluble fibre found in vinegar binds cancer-causing compounds in colon. Mixture of Turmeric Vinegar, wheat grass vinegar and Apple Cider Vinegar can give results as all the herbs have cancer fighting properties.
Pre-cancer test - In a method developed by experts at Johns Hopkins medical school and recently endorsed by the World Health Organization, clinic nurses around the world are being trained to use a solution of vinegar — 5% acetic acid — to detect cancer. By brushing it directly onto the cervix, nurses can see within three to five minutes whether any precancerous lesions exist, because the vinegar turns them white. The lesions can then be frozen off during the same visit using a metal rod cooled by a tank of carbon dioxide.
Dr. Bandit Chumworathayi, a gynecologist at Khon Kaen University who helped run the first Thai study of VIA/cryo, explains that vinegar highlights the tumours because they have more DNA, and thus more protein and less water, than other tissue. It reveals pre-tumours with more accuracy than a typical Pap smear.

Many women have found that Apple Cider Vinegar can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. It is a skin problem that can affect anyone, including men, women and children. However, women are often affected the most, with 95% of all women suffering from this condition to some extent. It is visually characterized by bulging, pitted, wrinkled, and dimpled skin on the abdomen, buttocks, hips, and thighs which occur due to fatty deposits that are concentrated in these areas.
Symptoms of cellulite include a feeling of sagging, tenderness, or tightness in the affected areas, particularly while standing. The image on the right shows a woman suffering from cellulite. The right side of the image shows the same woman after the effects of cellulite have been reduced.

Oral Remedy

Mix 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar into an 8 ounce glass of water.
Optionally add a small amount of Honey as a sweetener.
Drink this once each morning.
Take 2tsp of ACV+ Honey+ Garlic ½, before both meals.

Topical Remedy

Mix 3 parts Apple Cider Vinegar with one part of your favourite massage oil.
Gently knead this solution onto affected skin areas twice daily.
This massage treatment will help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.
Two or Three teaspoons to eight-ounces glass of water 3 times a day followed by a lifestyle that includes eating a diet high fibre diet like fruits and vegetables, food s rich in omega 3 like flax seed, sea fish, rice, avoiding hydrogenated oils maintaining your weight, exercising and avoiding processed foods. Pectin & amino acids contained in ACV can neutralize some of the harmful oxidized LDL cholesterol. The soluble fibre (pectin) found in the ACV absorbs cholesterol and fat in the body. By absorbing the cholesterol, the body is able to eliminate it. When the cholesterol is eliminated, it is no longer in the body to accumulate and raise your cholesterol to dangerous levels. Water-soluble fibre also adds bulk and will keep you full longer. This signals to your body that you are full, and you will stop eating.
As we age our digestion system is affected pancreatic juice from pancrease & digestive acid from stomach decreases which leads to constipation. Low fibre diet in youngster leads to Constipation, polished rice, basmati rice in our daily food, drinking less than 3 litres of water a day & lack of exercise are the primary cause of constipation. ACV assists our body in performing natural bowel movements since it contains significant amounts of pectin, which is a water soluble fibre that helps to improve digestion by normalizing the acid levels in the stomach. Best way is to have oatmeal in breakfast & drink 3 litre water a day is must. Standard dosage 3 times a day with water.
Try standard dose 3 times a day, it is said that 2 or 3 teaspoons of ACV to eight-ounces glass of water before meals . Adding dietary fiber, as contained in AVC, is said to be beneficial in controlling fasting blood glucose levels. Research has shown that Vinegar can help people with type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance (not diabetic, but high risk) by improving insulin sensitivity. In the study, Vinegar was just as effective as drugs (metformin and acarbose) used to treat diabetes. Don’t stop your current medication. Check regularly (10days) with your doctor and decrease the dosage of drugs (Not ACV).

( Weak digestion the root cause of all disease)

Contrary to common belief indigestion (and Heart burn) are not due to excess stomach acid but, the most often, a lack or underproduction of acid. Normally our stomach digest food with strong hydrochloric acid and pepsin, an enzyme active only in an acid environment. When under- acidity is remedied by taking Apple Cider Vinegar before a meal, the flow of nutrients to the body is improved, helping you feel more energetic and healthy.
Apple Cider Vinegar improves metabolism, due in part to the compatible presence of malic & tartaric acids which not only serve to restore the proper acid conditions, but also inhibit the growth of unfriendly bacteria in the digestive tract.
Apple Cider Vinegar has long being regarded a remedy for liver stagnation and accompanying indigestion. Vinegar appears to have highly activating and detoxifying properties. It counteracts the effect of rich, greasy food , and functions as a solvent to break down fats & proteins & dissolve minerals for improved assimilation.
For indigestion or to aid digestion, take 1 tablespoon of ACV in half a glass of warm water after, or preferably, before, a heavy meal. When taking before a meal, the Vinegar solution acts to stimulate the flow of saliva which starts the digestion process in the mouth by activating digestive fluids to flow faster. Standard dosage 3 times a day before meals.
Most diarrhoea will occur as the result of a viral infection. The most common type is Traveller’s diarrhoea, which can often occur when you drink water from an infected water supply. Another common type of diarrhoea is Nervous diarrhoea, which may occur when you are under a significant amount of stress. Diarrhoea can often be a side effect of taking over the counter drugs like antacid. You may be surprised to hear that many of these other issues (especially heartburn) could have been resolved by taking ACV thereby sidestepping the diarrhoea problem altogether. The high pectin concentrations in ACV swells up to add bulk to the stool as well as will sooth the irritated lining of your colon. Standard dosage 3times a day with water
Take the usual dosage of ACV and Honey in a glassful of water 3x a day, with meals. An application of diluted ACV with ratio of 1: 2or 1:3 with water can also be applied to the skin several times a day. There is usually a potassium deficiency in those people suffering from eczema. ACV replaces it.
A 50/50 Solution of Apple Cider Vinegar and can help treat and get rid of Diaper Rash or any other rashes , Jock Itch, Yeast and fungus Infections in the genital areas of male and female, Athlete's Foot - soak feet in 50/50 solution, twice daily for approx 15-20 mins. per soak.
Apple Cider Vinegar also aids digestion. In helping you break down food as you should it may prevent the formation of uric acid. Apple Cider Vinegar is acidic, but once processed by the body it actually has an alkalizing effect which is thought to be key to vibrant health. Increasing you pH and becoming more alkaline can make your body more effective in eliminating uric acid. Malic acid, which is present in Apple Cider Vinegar breaks down and dissolves sodium urate crystals, helping you eliminate gout. ACV has a variety of other health benefits which improve general health and will make your body more able to deal with excess uric acid, remove excess water and remove toxic waste just to name a few.
Standard Dosage 3 times a day before meals.
Externally - Make a poultice of ACV fo affected joint for instant pain relief.
There are several types of headache, caused by various reasons. An effective remedy is to take equal parts of ACV and water, place in a small pan on the stove, allow it to boil slowly. When the steam begin to raise from the pan lean your head over it until the fumes are comfortably strong. Inhale for approximately 50 to 80 breaths.
Generally this alleviates the headache considerably, if not entirely. Inhaling the vapours from a small bottle of ACV can also help or if you have a vaporizer, add some ACV to the water and inhale the vapors for five minutes. Internal dosage 3 times a day with water.
Kidney stones are extremely painful, as anyone who has experienced them will let you know. Kidney stones consist of calcium, which is alkaline. Vinegar, on the other hand, is acidic. The theory is, supported by many success stories, that the acetic and phosphoric acids in Vinegar reduce the size or completely dissolve the kidney stone and allow it to pass pain-free.
Dosage. - Mix 6 -8 teaspoon ACV in 3 litres of purified water and drink throughout whole day instead of plain water. Your pain will subsidised in 2 days as the sharp edges of kidney stone starts dissolving. Have a x-ray or sonography done in 20-30 days u will find reduction in size or no stone. ( i have treated more than 80 patients successfully).
Externally - Soak a small washcloth in the hot Vinegar/water concoction and apply directly to the site on your body where you are experiencing pain from a kidney stone, whether this is your lower back, sides or groin area.
Note : If you have kidney stones below 12mm it will take 8-15 days to dissolve completely. If the kidney stone is big Many doctors recommend mixture of berberis vulgaris + sarsaparilla mother tincture 15 drops in 15ml water. For best results hold the water for 2-3 minutes and then drink . Tinctures are available in homeopathy shops.
Vinegar contains rich nutrition such as amino acid, acetic acid, etc, which can improve liver detoxification and metabolism. (Best for alcoholics who want to detoxify body).
When fat accumulates around the liver, over time, it can result in a condition identified as Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. Accumulated fat around the liver has a number of health risks associated with it, including an increase in cardiovascular conditions like a heart attack or a stroke. Fat cells can enter the liver in men, women and children who consume an excessively high fat diet. There are often no symptoms associated with the condition, but sometimes children with excessive fatty deposits in and around the liver might exhibit pain in the abdomen and physical exhaustion.
Using Vinegar for Getting Rid of Fatty Accumulations -Vinegar has long been appreciated as a natural method for detoxifying the body, and apple cider vinegar is considered the best form of vinegar to get rid of accumulated fat around and in the liver. Apple cider vinegar is the least acidic variant of all vinegar types, and is therefore gentler on the digestive tract when it is consumed.
Apple cider vinegar has the ability to break down fatty deposits over time and it encourages the healthy functioning of the kidneys, the bladder and the liver. The vinegar can be consumed and used as a natural blood thinner in order to reduce problems with hypertension, as well. Since apple cider vinegar is acidic, it can destroy bacteria, and it can reduce liver irritation and inflammation, too.
A glass of ACV 2 or 3 teaspoons to glass of water in the morning has been reported to help reduce the flow and cramping of a heavy period. It is also helpful for those who have irregular periods.
  • Heat about 2 cups of water in a pot until warm. Put into a glass.
  • Add 1 to 2 tsp. of raw, unprocessed apple cider vinegar.
  • Fill a dropper with the mixture. Lean your head back over a bathtub or sink
  • Drop the vinegar mixture into one nostril.( Put the mixture when it is warm not hot), and move your head from side to side. Blow the mixture out of the other nostril. Repeat five or six times. You should begin to feel better almost immediately. If you still have symptoms the next day, repeat the process.
Source : apple-cidervinegar.html Drink Apple Cider Vinegar throughout the day in large glasses of water (ACV thins mucus).


One such treatment for the removal of warts involves using Apple Cider Vinegar. This natural substance works extremely successfully in removing warts due to its acidic content, and effectively enables the root of the wart to peel off, ridding the affected area of the virus entirely.
The quickest way to remove a wart using Apple Cider Vinegar is to place a piece of cotton wool that has been soaked in the substance over the affected area, and hold firmly in place using a bandage. Keep covered over night and repeat this method each night until the wart turns black and eventually drops off of its own accord. Always ensure that you continue the treatment until the core of the wart is no longer visible, otherwise the wart will reoccur. This simple, natural remedy works so effectively that results are visible within a matter of days in some circumstances! However, if you are applying treatment to a verruca be patient as it may take longer (a matter of a few weeks) for it to be entirely eradicated as they grow inwards. Mixture of ACV & Turmeric vinegar 3 times a day with water can give faster reult.
Herbalists and naturopaths recommend the curcumin in turmeric as an antiviral and antibacterial agent. There is some scientific laboratory research supporting the belief that the curcumin in turmeric acts against viruses. In a clinical study conducted by H.J. Kim and colleagues and published in the July 2009 issue of "Journal of Ethnopharmacology," a curcuma longa extract prevented Hepatitis-B virus cells from replicating.
ACV has been used as a weight loss remedy for centuries. It has been suggested that the ACV works because it makes the body burn calories better, reduces appetite and gets the entire metabolism working. But whatever the reason, the fact remains that it has stood the test of time and has helped countless people to achieve their ideal weight.
The Apple Cider Vinegar Diet became popular in the 1950’s when Dr. D.C Jarvis maintained a belief that consuming the Apple Cider Vinegar in diet actually causes the body to dissolve fat rather than store it. Dr. D.C Jarvis believes that when the body consumes apple cider liquid or dietary supplements before meals, cravings for food reduce. Therefore less food is consumed, which then reduces the overall calorie expenditure daily and causes weight loss.
Take 3 Times Daily- First thing in the morning you drink a glass, 2nd an hour before lunch and 3rd glass at dinner. Be patience while taking for weight loss try minimum 2 months. ( Try ACV + Garlic remedy mentioned below for best results as this formula all over the world is known as fat burner )

Weight loss secrets of French women

The food eaten by French women has had a lot of publicity lately, but there is still one secret to be uncovered. The French eat a lot of fatty foods like duck, pastries and creamy sauces, but always on the side of their plate is a salad dressed with vinaigrette. This salad dressing, made from vinegar, is delicious with quite a sharp taste. As well as dropping the GI of the total meal, vinaigrette cuts through the fat and, by boosting the acid levels in the stomach, improves digestion. So that's why French women stay so thin!

Hair Fall & Re-Growth

The falling out of hair is primarily due to a tissue salt deficiency, thus Apple Cider Vinegar will re-establish a natural balance, and supply the deficiencies where needed. Therefore, by taking the Cider Vinegar treatment the hair will maintain its natural growth. It will cease to fall out and grow more rapidly and thickly. This will take approximately two months, so perseverance is needed. The dosage is 2 teaspoonful of Cider Vinegar & 2 tsp. of Honey to a glass of water to be taken with or between meals
Apple Cider Vinegar stimulates hair follicles and aides in better hair growth. It can treat your dandruff and an itchy scalp and leaves your hair shiny. Recycle an old shampoo bottle and fill it with 1/2 a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and a cup of cold water. Pour through your hair after shampooing several times a week.

Face Wash

Apple Cider Vinegar is an effective and cheap way to wash your face. It removes dull appearances by removing dry skin. It peels the outer layer away and helps to fade blemishes. It is ideal for oily and dry skin and leaves you skin glowing. Apple Cider Vinegar even cleans pores, removes blackheads and can be used as a toner. Use 1 part of ACV with 2 parts of water. Mixuture of ACV& Turmeric vinegar works very fast. Apply moisturiser.

Manicure / Pedicure

Apple Cider Vinegar can be used for your manicure and pedicure because it can be used to treat fungal infections. It leaves your feet and hands super soft and clean. Use equal parts of Apple Cider Vinegar and water.

Hands and Feet

Are your hands and feet feeling tired and swollen after a long onto them.

Age Spots

If you mix 2 Tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar with 1 Tbsp of orange juice and apply it to the age spot it can fade them, however drinking it may fade them faster.

Varicose Veins

The multi-vitamins in Apple Cider Vinegar can deter and reduce varicose veins. You can apply a poultice of ACV externally.


Apple Cider Vinegar provides a much needed relief from painful sunburns. Apply it in 1:2 rations with water to the burn to soothe the skin and prevent itching, peeling and blistering. Apply moisturiser after ACV application.

Soft Skin

Mix 1 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar in a spray bottle with warm water and spray it on your body. Leave it on a few minutes and then rinse away, your skin will be silky soft.


Dilute Acv with 3-4 parts of water Massage mixture into skin thoroughly, be gentle on the face, this massage will leave your skin PH balanced. After thoroughly wetting your skin with the mixture several times, rub and massage until the skin is dry. Repeat this twice a week and do not wash it off. Leave it on the body the more you do this you will feel a new vitality coming into your body. Don’t worry about the pungent smell it will vanish within few minutes. This treatment is far superior than using soap, because soap has an alkaline reaction on the skin and you don't want that. By keeping the skin in an acid reaction it will help you have healthier skin.

Forget Expensive useless Shampoos & Try This.

Don't you dreaded every time the dandruff seems so obvious when you wear your favourite black colour shirt. Or the times when you need to check your shoulder first and give it a few good dusting before going out? ACV rinse might just be the solution for you. Rinsing your hair using diluted ACV cures dandruff by stopping the growth of malassezia furfur, a yeast-like fungus that causes dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.
Another added benefit of Apple Cider Vinegar rinse is it helps to restore the natural pH of your hair and scalp. Also, hair will be smoother and easier to be combed as Vinegar rinse helps to close the hair cuticles. If you find yourself with a case of dandruff but don't want to treat it with harsh chemicals or dandruff shampoos, a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar may be able to cure your dandruff. It regulates the pH balance of your skin while adding shine to your hair.
Remember – Your skin needs acidic environment & your internal body needs alkaline environment & Apple Cider works for both.
Internally – Take standard dose. 3 times a day.
Externally – Wash your hair with a mild, pH-balanced shampoo. You don't need to use a dandruff shampoo because the Apple Cider Vinegar naturally restores your scalp's pH and gradually does away with your dandruff problem.
Mix together one parts Apple Cider Vinegar and one part warm water. Pour the mixture directly over clean hair & your scalp. Massage lightly and let the Cider mixture dry on your hair. You don't have to rinse it out, but you can if the smell bothers you. Treat stubborn dandruff with a stronger mixture, such as a 1:1 ratio of Cider to water, or with straight Apple Cider Vinegar. Apply it to your hair and let the Vinegar penetrate your scalp for 15 minutes. Wash the Cider out with a mild, pH-balanced shampoo. (Baby shampoo will do ). Use 3 times in a week.
Repeat the Apple Cider Vinegar treatment at least once a week as a maintenance dose.

This is an excellent home remedy that you want to keep available at all times in your home. It's great as a preventative and for maintaining good health. There are some variations to this with the addition of other ingredients such as Ginger. The base mixture includes the three main ingredients of Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey. Each of these three ingredients have individual benefits on their own and in this mixture, a synergistic effect enhances the properties of each. The Apple Cider Vinegar must be unfiltered and the Honey must be raw, unpasteurised Honey for all the benefits to be realised
Garlic is a natural remedy for lowering harmful cholesterol. Garlic can guard against heart disease by preventing the formation of fatty deposits in the arteries. Regular amounts of Garlic can help the body fight off infections. Garlic can also help to fight off colds.
Honey Raw Honey contains 5,000 live enzymes, a full range of vitamins, 22 amino acids and 27 minerals. It is a powerful antioxidant, antiviral, contains natural antibiotics, stimulates the immune system into action and helps to fight respiratory conditions- especially when combined with apple cider vinegar.
This remedy works best for Arthritis, Muscle or joint aches, Alzheimer's disease, Asthma, High blood pressure, Haemorrhoids, infertility and impotence, toothaches, fewer colds and infectious diseases, obesity ( a powerful Fat destroyer and weight reducer), ulcers, reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol, reduced risks of breast cancer , blocks agents of cancer of the breast - colon - esophagus - skin - stomach and stimulates the immune system.


  • 8 cloves of fresh Garlic
  • 1 cup (200ml) of unfiltered, Unfiltered & Unrefined ACV with mother
  • 1 cup (200ml) of raw, unpasteurised Honey ( Jungli preferred)
  • Small piece of Ginger (this is optional)


Mix all the ingredients into a blender and mix at high speed for 45-60 seconds. Alternatively, you can put the Garlic in first, blend well so it becomes fine - or you can use a Garlic crusher instead - and then place in the blender, then mix in the Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar and blend for another 10-15 seconds Then pour into a glass jar or container (sealable) and leave in the refrigerator for five days, with the occasional stir every day. After five days the mixture is ready.


There are other things that can be included. You can add a small amount of Ginger (one or two inch length), you just put it in the blender with the Garlic.


The normal dosage is 2 tsp in a glass of warm water, daily, first thing in the morning. The mixture is very strong, and should not be taken directly. Our Formula: Yes we have added something new in this Folk Medicine! We have made a change in this formula which is more bio-available and hence proved more powerful. This formula is readily available with us. It is prepared in such a manner that doesn’t require keeping in fridge, (contains no preservatives). Our ingredients’ is as follows : Our Ingredients:


Which is available in forest area or natural places usually is in dark colour. One of the main reasons Honey is pasteurised by the commercial manufacturers to speed up the packaging process (heating makes it flow much quicker) - so pretty much all Honeys from supermarkets will be unsuitable.

Black Pepper

Active Ingredient Piperine in Black Pepper Increases Nutrient Absorption up to 2000%. Putting black pepper on your food may be one of the easiest, most economical ways to boost your overall health status. Piperine, the main alkaloid from black pepper has been shown to substantially increase the bioavailability of the nutrients in foods and supplements. For more information visit -

Health Challenges

Muscle or joint aches, Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, asthma, high blood pressure, hemorrhoids, infertility and impotence, toothaches, fewer colds and infectious diseases, obesity ( a powerful fat destroyer and weight reducer), ulcers, reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol, reduced risks of breast, blocks agents of cancer of the breast - colon - esophagus - skin - stomach and stimulates the immune system. What Top Doctor’s & Worldwide Research Say On this Miracle Remedy
Top doctors have revealed that the combination of Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey is a wonder drug that can cure everything from cancer to arthritis. Amazing studies from respected universities around the world prove the miracle home remedy that costs just pennies a day to make, is a super way to fight just about any affliction. Experts have verified that this health-restoring trio of Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey can wipe out both common and uncommon ailments.
In a study of arthritis victims Dr. Angus Peters of University of Edinburgh's Arthritis Research Institute found a daily dose of Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey reduced pains by 90%. A daily dose of Garlic and Apple Cider Vinegar has proved to be a powerful fat destroyer and weight reducer, according to Dr. Raymond Fish of London's famous Obesity Research Centre. The prestigious British Medical journal Lancel reported that cholesterol levels plunged on average from 237.4 to 221.4 after volunteers consumed 50 grams of Garlic and four ounces of butter. The study proved the dangers associated with high fat foods can be neutralized by adding Garlic to your diet. A study of 261 adult’s patients by the German Association of General Practitioners that serum cholesterol and triglyceride level factors associated with the risk of heart disease are significantly reduced by regular use of Garlic in the diet.
Studies at Houston's MD Anderson Cancer Institute in Houston, the Pennsylvania State University and GCLA support earlier evidence that certain ingredients in Garlic block agents of the cancer of breast, colon, esophagus and skin. The National Cancer Institute found in a study of 1,000 people that eating a lot of Garlic is linked to a reduced risk of stomach cancer. Dr. Etik Block of the State University of New York at Albany has discovered Garlic unleashes at least 100 sulphur-producing components, all of which are powerful medicines.
There appears to be little doubt that this astounding remedy of Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey can extend life by protecting the user from many proven killers.
Dr. Hen Lee Tsno writes in China's respected Journal of Natural Medicines, patients given this miracle drink before breakfast showed a remarkable reduction in high blood pressure and cholesterol in less than a week. Ralim nutritionist Emlio Stelfani adds, years of scientific investigation by experts around the world have proven beyond a doubt that Garlic, Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey are nature's magic potion. The three powerful ingredients are available everywhere and they cost only pennies a day.
Considering all that these natural substances can do for human health, it's amazing they are not more widely used. Dr. Jack Soltanoff, a nutritional expert from New York praises the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. He's recorded remarkable success stories involving arthritis sufferers. I have seen many arthritis patients start to loosen up at once, says Dr. Soltanoff. Some even call it (Apple Cider Vinegar) a natural arthritis tonic that frees them from stiffness, pain and throbbing aches.
Within just a few weeks, most pain wracked arthritis patients can perform normal activities because of this simple tonic. Boxing legend Mohammed Ali reportedly takes a daily dose of Garlic, Vinegar and Honey to lighten the symptoms of Parkinson's disease and many other athletes use it to gain competitive edge.
Dr. Tso is sweet on the powers of Honey. Honey has been described as the perfect food notes the respected researcher. It contains at least 31 nutrients, 13 minerals, the component part of nine vitamins, six acids and four key enzymes.
Patients, who took the additional Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey drink daily, were more vigorous, had fewer colds or infectious diseases and in general were healthier than those who didn't. There's no question that this astounding elixir can extend life by protecting you from many proved killers.
Honey not only makes your daily dose taste better. The sweet stuff also aids in your body's ability to absorb the medical properties of the powerful ingredients. Garlic provides a storehouse of vitamins and minerals, but what excites researchers most is growing evidence that allicin, an enzyme present in large amount in Garlic, stimulates the immune system.


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