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I would like to give brief knowledge of Indian herb called as Indian Kino . Indian kino is also known as Herbal Immunity Booster and plant insulin.

Indian kino is the heartwood and bark of the tree known as Pterocarpus Marsupium .It is large deciduous tree which grows in central and western parts of India.
It is useful in maintaining heathy blood sugar and cholesterol level and boosting immunity of body as it purifies blood.

Traditionally it is used in management of diabetes and hyperlipidemia .
Diabetes is caused either by a lack of hormone Insulin which is Type 1 diabetes or the body inability to use insulin .diabetes is worlds seventh leading cause of death.

The blood sugar lowering effects of Indian Kino are well known in India .Diabetics  in the rural areas of India drink water from tumblers carved from the wood of Indian kino and they are said to feel normal.

Epicatechin found in water extract of Indian kino has insulin like property which activates Beta cells of pancreas .Marsupin and pterostilbene are other main constituents which inhibits glucose absorption in intestine.There are several clinical and pharmacological trials conducted in India with very satisfactory results which says Indian kino is the only herb which can reactivate the pancreatic beta cells.

These effects have been reproduced in numerous animal and human trials.In these studies,Indian kino was able to reverse the damage to the beta cells.The result was able to almost complete restoration of normal insulin secretion.Researchers in India studied the effects of this herb on 97 individuals with blood sugar problem and were amazed to find that it helped contrl blood sugar levels in 69% of them

Pterosupin and liguiritigenin in Indian kino reduces total cholesterol called study even demonstarted that Indian kino may also lower blood lipid levels.The uses of  an extract produced a reduction in serum triglycerides,total cholesterol and low density lipoprotein LDL and very low density lipoprotein VLDL

Indian kino aqueous extract also furnished antifungal activity in patients suffering from skin diseases and also useful in treatment of Acne and Pimples.

overall health benefits -
 Diabetes,cholesterol,Acne-pimples,skin diseases ,allergies,constipation,jointpain,blood pressure,liver disorders,digestive problems,cataract and blood purification.

Method of use-
Boil 2 liters of water up to boiling point and remove vessel from fire and put Indian kino piece in it .Cover it with lid tightly and keep it for 8 hrs.After that fill it in plastic or glass container and drink 100ml twice a day 1/2 hr before breakfast and 1/2 hr before dinner.

Diet- avoid carbohydrate containing diets like sugar,rice,potatoes,bananas .Take papaya daily to avoid constipation.

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