Thursday 26 April 2012


Kafhar vati helps to give relief in congestion of the chest due to accumulation of the mucus in the membranes. Kafhar vati treats the inflammation of the pleura and helps to remove the mucus from the lungs
. Kafhar vati  helps in the removal of mucus from the chest cavity and gives you relief and helps in breathing normally. Kafhar vati  is a very good product for asthmatic patients and helps in preventing the frequent attacks of asthma. 
Kafhar vati  also prevents the shortness of the breath and fatigue due to asthmatic attack. Kafhar vati  is also a very good herbal product for bronchitis and helps in relieving the congestion of the chest and aids in easy and effective breathing. Kafhar vati   nourishes the membranes of the respiratory tract and helps in preventing the accumulation of mucus in the membranes.
Kafhar vati  Helps decrease airway resistance and thereby increases the airflow to the lungs.      
       Kafhar vati  Assists in suppressing cough and related chest pain                            Kafhar vati  Acts as a stimulant and enhances activity of respiratory organs                             Kafhar vati  Facilitates easy secretion or expulsion of phlegm and mucus from respiratory tract
             Kafhar vati  Provides relief from common cold, dry & mu-co-purulent cough and bronchitis.

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