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Leucorrhoea, commonly known as whites, refers to a whitish discharge from the female genitals. It is an abnormal disease condition of the reproductive organs of women. The condition may continue for weeks or months at a time. If not treated properly in the initial stages, it may become chronic.

Symptoms of Leucorrhoea

Whitish discharge from the vagina, weakness, pain in the lumbar region

In addition to the whitish discharge from the vagina, the patient feels weak and tired. She also suffers from pain in the lumbar region and the calves, and experiences a dragging sensation in the abdomen.

Constipation, frequent headaches

Other symptoms are constipation, frequent headaches, and intense itching. In the chronic form, the patient feels irritable and develops black patches under the eyes.

Home Remedies for Leucorrhoea

Leucorrhoea treatment using Amaranth Root

Amaranth is considered an excellent home remedy for leucorrhoea. The rind of the root of this plant should be rubbed in 25 ml of water. It should then be strained and given to the patient daily in the morning as well as in the evening. The root of this plant is, however, very susceptible to moths. Hence, care should be taken to see that it is not moth-eaten. In case the root is not available, its leaves and branches may be similarly processed and used.

Leucorrhoea treatment using Lady's Fingers

The use of lady fingers is another effective home remedy for this disease. A decoction of this vegetable is prepared by boiling 100 gm of the fresh vegetable, cut transversely, in half a litre of water for twenty minutes. It should then be strained and sweetened. This decoction, given in doses of 60 to 90 ml frequently, is beneficial in all irritable conditions of genito-urinary organs, including leucorrhoea.

Leucorrhoea treatment using Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are valuable in leucorrhoea. They should be taken internally in the form of tea, and also used as a douche. For a douche, the solution should be much stronger than tea. Two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds should be put into a litre of cold water and allowed to simmer for half an hour over a low flame. The decoction should then be strained and used as a douche.

Leucorrhoea treatment using Guava Leaves

The tender leaves of guava are beneficial in the treatment of this disease. An infusion of the leaves should be used as a douche. It acts as a powerful vaginal astringent.

Leucorrhoea treatment using Mango Seed

Mango seeds are valuable in leucorrhoea. A teaspoon of the paste of the decorticated kernel of mango can be applied inside the vagina with beneficial results.

Leucorrhoea treatment using Walnut Leaves

The leaves of the walnut tree contain astringent chemicals. A decoction of the fresh leaves can be beneficially used as a douche in the treatment of leucorrhoea.



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