Sunday 6 May 2012


 Is a chemical manufactured in the brain which prevents, treats and may cure any disease, including cancer and aids, without side effects. It eliminates all the pains.
The scientists found out that Endorphin not only makes HUMAN HAPPY,
But it can also make human body healthier through production of lymphocytes, i.e., one of many white blood cells. These are defence cells that fight many diseases and can be referred to as soldiers, policemen and doctors of our body.
In Aids patients these white blood cells decrease, thus diminishing the immunity of the patient.
We can produce more and more Endorphins by the following three methods.
Research showed that laugh and smile produces RS. 100,000 worth of endorphins. A finding that justifies the oriental teachings that a smile brings wealth and happiness.
If you meditate with happiness and a smiling face, you can feel the endorphins flow through you and a glow comes to your face. This may explain how some prayers lead to miraculous disappearance of a disease.
The third way to achieve a constant flow of endorphins is working for those you love, e.g., like mother cooking her child’s favourite dish or shopping for a special toy, her child wants. But as soon as you start asking yourself, “what about me”, the production of endorphins stops and you will become unhappy and unhealthy. Apparently, God designed us to be unselfish.
Starts using these three tip and manufacture more of this wonderful and miraculous chemical and make yourself happy and healthy. This chemical cannot be manufactured in the laboratory and so is not available in the market. The remedy is in your hands and you will be independent of doctors.

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