Saturday 5 May 2012


A very common problem from ages in man-kind is the pain in the lower back referred as backpain. It can be due to poor posturals habits, strains, and also muscle tension. It is also very common in pregnant woman due to the stretching of ligaments around utreus. Here are some remedies for the lower back pain.
  • Massage the lower back with eucalyptus oil or castor oil very gently for 10 minutes. This gets temprorary relief from backpain. [NOT FOR PREGNANT WOMAN]
  • Include vegetables and fruit diet regluarly.
  • Do regular exercise and walking.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Boil 5 – 8 tulsi leaves in a pan with a cup of water. Take out from  the flame when the water starts thickening. Once it cools drink it. This gets relief from backpain. [NOT FOR PREGNANT WOMAN]
  • Mix 1 tsp of honey to warm water and drink. This gets relief from back pain.
  • To avoid back pain sleep on firm mattress.


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