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 Main ingreidient of safuf Ziabatis is Indian herb

Gudmar is a medicinal plant in Ayurveda. It is called Madhunashini in Sanskrit which means destroyer of sugar. Its roots and leaves are used for medicinal purposes. The plant is a woody climber which bears yellow flowers. The plant is native to central and southern parts of India. The various health benefits of Gudmar are discussed in this article.
Gudmar was initially known by the name of Meshashringi in Sanskrit. Meshashringi means ‘ram’s horn’. Gurmar is the Hindi name, while the botanical name is Gymnema Sylvestre and belongs to the family Asclepiadaceae. Other common names of Gudmar are Periploca of the woods, Gurmari, Gurmar, Madhunashini, Vishani and Gurmarbooti.
Gudmar Health Benefits
Gudmar Medicinal Plant
  • Blood Sugar Level
    - When the herb is used for longer periods, it lowers the blood sugar.
  • The herb’s extracts are used for curing various conditions such as obesity, anemia, high cholesterol levels, hyperglycemia, digestion, constipation, helminthiasis, amenorrhoea and hepatosplenomegaly.
  • Lowering the Appetite
    – Gudmar suppresses the taste of sweetness, thus reduces the desire to eat.
  • Snakebites
    – Gudmar’s roots are made into powder or pastes and applied to snakebite wounds.
  • Weight Loss
    – The herb is used to regulate weight, controls sugar craving and promotes healthy cholesterol.

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